(Selected works from 2020-21 school year)

(Selected works from the 2019-20 school year)

“Gentle Woman” by Ceci Urbanski
“Woman in Pieces” by Mary Said
“Polaroid” by Ellie Kripal
“Mushroom Men” by Marin Mowat
“The Brave” by Lily Mausbach
“Head in the Clouds” by Mia Nelson
“Freshly Picked” by Katie Corpuz
“Recently Overwhelmed” by Mary Said
“Smiling Through it All” by Sofia Pantano

(Selected works prior to Fall 2019)

O1 Koi
“Koi” by MaryClaire Daubendiek

U3 Head in the Clouds
“Head in the Clouds” by Mia Nelson

ZU2 Blossoms1
“Blossoms” by Janny Apiwattangsakul

B1 The Brave (horizontal)
“The Brave” by Lily Mausbach

X1 Eyes in Awe
“Eyes in Awe” by Audrey Vandyke

G1 Have a Seat, Please
“Have a Seat, Please” by Scarlett Wedergren

ZI1 Freshly Picked
“Freshly Picked” by Katie Corpuz

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
“Broken Box” by Alida Farrens

ZX1 Audrey Pointilism
“Audrey Pointillism” by Clara Glock

ZX2 Olivia Pointilism
“Olivia Pointillism” by Clara Glock

“Pinkalicious” by Mia Nelson

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
“Magic Hand” by Alida Farrens

K1 Sky Storm
“Sky Storm” by Isabella Pantano

“Color Scream” by Mary Said

ZK1 Recently Overwhelmed
“Recently Overwhelmed” by Mary Said

“Graphite Girl” by Sara Steinbruck

Z2 By the Dock
“By the Dock” by Sarah Doll

G3 Sprinkle Party
“Sprinkle Party” by Scarlett Wedergren

ZL1 Smiling Through it All_rip fix attempt
“Smiling Through it All” by Sofia Pantano

H2 End of an Era
“End of An Era” by Naomi Delkamiller

P1 Vivienne
“Vivienne” by Ella Meis

“Different Eyes” by Rachel Achola

N1 Last Wishes
“Last Wishes” by Nicole Leoffler

ZD5 Head Space
“Head Space” by Callie Cavanaugh

H1 Peach Ocean
“Peach Ocean” by Naomi Delkamiller

“Glow” by Rachel Achola

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
“Proximity” by Rachel Achola

30A Cactus Skull.jpeg
“Cactus Skull” by Payton Lofdahl

30b Love Kills.jpeg
“Love Kills” by Payton Lofdyl

77B woman alike copy 2.jpg
“Woman Alike” by Mary Claire Daubendiek

44A Timothée copy.jpeg
“Timothée” by Emma Gunn

41A Coffee Girl copy.jpeg
“Coffee Girl” by Ashley Straub

38D Feathered Freddy copy.JPG
“Feathered Freddy” by Scarlett Wedergren

101A Clothes COPY.jpg
“Clothes that Speak” by Tyra Carstens

G1 image1 YES by Ashley Straub.jpg
“Pineapple Tide” by Ashley Straub

V1 Colorado Night by Catherine Franco.JPG
“Colorado Night” by Catherine Franco

ZZZe1 image 1 sketch.JPG
“She” by Emma Gunn

G2 succulent watercolor by Ashley Straub.jpg
“Succulent” by Ashley Straub

AAA2 reflection IMG_9200 by Patrice Roubidoux.JPG
“Reflection” by Patrice Roubidoux