(Selected works from 2020-21 school year)

(Selected works from the 2019-20 school year)

“Biking Solo” photo by Naomi Delkamiller
“Seven Times Infinity” photo by Bella Syslo
“Verdon Gorge (2)” photo by Jill Williamson
“Peach Ocean” photo by Naomi Delkamiller
“Vivienne” photo by Ella Meis
“Broken Box” photo by Alida Farrens
“Eyes in Awe” photo by Audrey VanDyke
“Sprinkle Party” photo by Scarlett Wedergren

(Selected works prior to Fall 2019)

80A Junkie copy.jpg
“Junkie” photo by Qwynn Watts

86B Oh My God copy.jpeg
“Oh My God” photo by Freida Nomenyo

22D Night Light copy 2.jpg
“Night Light” photo by Isabella Pantano

37B Costa Maya copy 2.jpeg
“Costa Maya” photo by Abby Hayes

72D Missing that someone copy.JPG
“Missing that Someone” photo by Becca Townley

43A step ascent copy 2.jpg
“Ascent” photo by Caroline Drew

45D Cascade copy.jpeg
“Cascade” photo by Ella Meis

2E Gaelic Remains copy.jpeg
“Gaelic Remains” photo by Caroline Drew

33C To the Mountains copy.jpg
“To the Mountains” photo by Naomi Delkamiller

90A Desert Light copy.JPG
“Desert Light” photo by Abby Butler

7C Splash copy.jpeg
“Splash” photo by Hannah Shaffer

17C Old Wood copy.jpeg
“Old Wood” photo by Clara Glock

35B House on a hill copy.JPG
“House on a Hill” photo by Andie Mikuls

5A Home away from home copy.jpeg
“Home Away from Home” photo by Rilee Silvain 

A1 City Within a City.JPG
“City Within a City” photo Kathryn Burbach

A3 Metallic Curtain.jpg
“Metallic Curtain” photo by Kathryn Burbach

BB2 AmeriCAN.jpeg
“AmeriCAN” photo by Lydia Delkamiller

DD5 image5.jpeg
“Kitty” photo by Clara Neary

GGG4 #inmyspectrespecs.JPG
#inmyspectrespecs photo by Caroline Drew

H3 image3.JPG
“Stream” photo by Colleen Sully

KK3 IMG_2746 amusement.JPG
“Amusement” photo by Claire Sena

M1 Taste of California.JPG
“Taste of California” photo by Libby Pallesen

N3 The Lighted States of America.jpg
“The Lighted States of America” photo by Lauren Shotkoski

RR1 IMG_0744.JPG
“Displacement” photo by Mya Bell

RR2 IMG_0997.JPG
“Jetty Shack” by Mya Bell

S1 IMG-5374.JPG
“Train” photo by Hali Hansen

TT1 Gallimufry.jpeg
“Gallimurphy” photo by Ella Meis

W4 a smoky sunset.JPG
“Smoky Sunset” by Sally Noble