Submissions from current students will be accepted early next year for our Spring 2020 edition.

Simply send materials to

To submit a creative writing for consideration, please send the poem/prose in the text of an email message. Include a title.

To submit art/photography for consideration, please attach the image or photo to an email, but it really helps if the work has a title.  At least give us the title in the email message.  If more than one attachment is included, help us know which title goes with which work.

Each student can submit up to 5 works each semester.

Please know that your work will be judged anonymously by the Burn staff and that you’ll receive an email letting you know the status of your submissions before the magazine is designed.

Thank you to all those who submitted to Burn in the past! If you had a creative work that was not accepted in the past, you may re-submit it because there are new staff members each year with a different viewpoint.

If you have questions about the submission process, seek out a staff member or stop by Room 304 and visit with Mrs. Kalkowski.